A Big Thanks

Has it really been two months since my debut novel, Visions, has been released? I wish to thank everyone who has read Visions. Your kind words through social media and email are so appreciative. With the release of my second book, Deceptions, coming out on March 2nd, I felt an update was in order.

The decision to place the seriesĀ in Kindle Unlimited was tough. I want nothing more than to go wide so everybody would have a chance to read on their particular device. The problem begins with exposure and the whole algorithm game on Amazon.

I am a new author. Exposure is the hardest thing to achieve when you are trying to build a base of readers. So how is one to get noticed? Other than advertising and social media, it gets complicated. One advantage to enrolling in Kindle Unlimited is the slight increase in exposure, which is why I decided to enroll each book as they come out. When all three books have done their run, then I will reevaluate and make changes accordingly.

Another advantage to Kindle Unlimited is the Kindle Countdown deals. With my next release, I’m happy to announce Visions will be participating in the Kindle Countdown starting February 27th, 2015. The price will be dropped to .99 for a week. If you haven’t had a chance to pick up Visions, I strongly suggest taking advantage of the deal. The price will increase to 3.99 after March 6, 2015.

As an appreciation to everyone who has bought the first book, I’m releasing Deceptions at .99 for the eBook during the first week of release. The price will increase to 3.99 after March 7, 2015. Take advantage of the deal! It’s my gift to you.

Again thanks everyone!