Impossible Love





Kayla shrieks as we get sprayed with droplets of water. A humpback whale crashes our party by slapping his tale next to the boat. I laugh at her as she turns around and grabs hold of the railing.

“Oh my gosh, did you see that?”

Just as the words are spoken, another whale breaches the water. She laughs and grabs her phone out of her purse to take pictures.

“This is great. We saw whales back at the condo, but they were so far away.”

“They migrate here every winter, usually leaving around April.”

“Awesome,” she whispers.

We turn to a motoring sound behind us. A tour boat slowly passes by, and everyone on deck waves to us before turning their attention to the whales. Kayla smiles and waves back, leaning against me. I wrap my arms around her, and we stay like this until the whales decide they’d had enough.

I glance at the sky and smile—almost time.

“I’m going to guide the boat over to a cove so we can drop anchor for a while.”

“Sounds great.”

By the time we reach the cove, it’s deserted. I let out a breath, relieved for the privacy. After shutting the motor off, I join Kayla on deck. The sun is starting its descent, so I meander over to grab the blanket. With a quick flick of my wrist, the blanket pops open and falls to the floor. Using the spare pillows, I prop myself against the cabin wall and glance at Kayla still standing by the railing staring at me. My fingers ache to run them through her long wind-tousled hair. But her thick lashes framing those big round eyes ground me to my spot. Even Kayla’s white sundress, hitting mid-thigh, highlights her angelic vibe. I’d say my efforts were futile if it wasn’t for her sultry stare that shoots tingles straight south. Damn, my body craves her touch.

“Join me,” I say, patting the space beside me.

My gaze remains fixed on hers. Heat flashes through her eyes as she saunters over to me. I pour her a glass of wine and hand it to her.

“You’re not having any?” Kayla asks before taking a sip. She sets the glass away from her and nestles beside me.

“No, I don’t want to be drinking when I’m in charge of John’s catamaran.”


Kayla leans into me and sighs as she looks out at the horizon. I slip my arm around her shoulders, and the strangest feeling bubbles in my chest. We sit there while the purple and golden hues of the sun sink into the waves.

“Thanks,” Kayla whispers. She turns to me with an appreciative glance.

I stare at her, mesmerized. I’m lost in the depths of blue circling her eyes. I feel at home, a sense of coziness wrapping around me as if I’m staring into the tide pools at Queen’s Bath. I draw my mouth to hers and engage in another kiss. My dick springs to life once again, and I want her so badly, I can’t even think. Her lips synch with mine, demanding, perfect. My fingers press into her sides, and taking her is all I can think of. My body screams for release. The way her body responds to my touch, she seems more than ready. I drop my hand to her thigh and slip underneath her dress. Without hesitating, I pull her leg onto mine and slide my fingers across her sweet ass.

A small moan escapes her mouth, and she gasps in surprise or embarrassment. The silent alarm in my head rings loud and clear, alerting me to halt. I break away. Her scared, innocent look returns. Shit.

“Kayla”—I pant, trying to catch my breath—“you’ve had sex before, right?” God, please say yes.

She remains quiet for a beat, and then in a voice barely above a whisper, the word “No” echoes as if she’d shouted it.

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