The Beginning

Hello World!!

First, I’d like to welcome any new readers that have stumbled across my site. This is a rather exciting time since my debut novel VISIONS is due to be released in the Fall of 2014. With trying to get everything in place before hitting the publish button, I’m a little overwhelmed. There’s so many steps involved, but each day gets closer to the ultimate goal.

A little back history on why I decided to publish. When I started writing stories for my daughter, I didn’t really have any intentions on publishing my works. However, after I wrote Visions, my daughter insisted that I publish it. She felt the story needed to reach other readers besides herself. Flattered as I was by her compliments, I sat on the story for another couple of years. The entire time, she never stopped encouraging me to get it published. Now, after a total of four years, I finally decided to follow her advice and enter into the crazy world of indie publishing.

Between doing the final edits for Visions and setting up my sites, you will find me writing. It’s enjoyable. Every spare minute I have, I’m thinking about my characters. I guess you can say I live in my own dream world… literally!

If you want to receive updates, please feel free to join the mailing list, or send me a message. I look forward to interacting with readers and current authors!